After gaining a B.A. at Canterbury University, my first career was in the film and television industries, where I primarily worked in the lighting and camera departments.

Having enjoyed the life of a filmmaker, I decided to create physical objects that bring simple and enduring pleasure into people's lives. The hours I have spent working with light, shaping the mood of a film, now inform every lamp that I make.

Dreaming up designs in a small studio surrounded by the mountains of Wanaka, I look to local and international art movements such as Conceptualism, Light and Space, Minimalism, and Geometric Abstraction for inspiration.

The brand name 'Buzz Burrows' is a nod to my father, who inspired me to pursue creativity. It's satisfying to continue working with light, but it’s even more rewarding when people choose to include my designs in their lives.

Tony Burrows - Designer @ Buzz Burrows